- Family Cafe Annual Conference

- New Year, New You Breakfast & Empowerment Event

"Tj Moon is an extraordinary motivational speaker and author. I heard him speak at an event a few weeks ago and it
was inspiring and heart touching. His words of inspiration will help you to see that you don't have to let obstacles
stop you from achieving your dreams. If you are faced with a brick wall find a way to go around it, under it, above it or
bust through it. I was truly motivated to achieve every dream and goal I have. If you are looking for an inspiring speaker
for your next event he would be a great inspiration to all!!!" -Chrissy Vickers

'"TJ Moon is an exceptional public speaker and author. He is engaging and sincere. During the New Year/ New You
event, I enjoyed the useful advice, his humor, and his ability to connect to every audience member. Looking forward to
hearing him speak again." -Simone Campbell

"i attended the New Year New You Breakfast in Januaryof 2017 and had the pleasure of hearing TJ Moon speak. He is
a great speaker and i reccomend to others who are looking to inspirational speakers." -Tanorria Askew owner of
Tanorria's Table (www.tanorriastable.com)

- Florida Family Care Council/PCSAA

"What an incredible motivational speaker you are TJ. I highly recommend having TJ come speak at your next meeting
if you want a life changing experience." -Mickie Brown

"I was fortunate to recently hear TJ Moon share his story and inspiration at an FCC meeting..What a powerful voice and
an amazing advocate. Truly an example of success in spite of challenge. I also got a copy of a book TJ authored, The
Squeaky Wheelchair.. I highly recommend.. this is how it's done.. inspire and empower.....Thank you TJ Moon!
-Kimberely Taylor

- 24th Annual Visions Conference

I was tremendously impressed with your keynote address at the Florida Visions Conference this month, a conference
attended by several hundred persons. Your message was well-received by the attendees. You communicated very
articulately about the adversity you have overcome and the importance of having a positive attitude and becoming an
advocate for yourself and others. This was an inspiring presentation, and through your talk and life you have
demonstrated that persons with developmental disabilities can live a fulfilling life and not succumb to the low
expectations of others. I am pleased that you are a member of our Council, and I look forward to seeing how you will
continue to progress in your life journey. May you continue to be a strong voice for yourself and others!" -Rick Lockenbach, Esq.

Program Manager, Elementary through Postsecondary Transition Goal
Florida Developmental Disabilities Council, Inc. (FDDC)

- Christians in Action Trade Show

Fakhoury Youth Leadership Conference

"Thomas Moon did a wonderful job speaking and inspiring our youth at this year's leadership conference.  He was engaging, articulate and connected well with the audience.  Thomas's message resonates with all audiences as he is authentic and shares from the heart.  Many of the students wanted to hear more from him.
I would recommend him for your next speaking engagement."
Manal Fakhoury
President & CEO
FLI | TEDxOcala | VestechPartners
PO Box 4428
Ocala, Fl. 34478
Mobile: 352-266-1268
Linkedln: Manal Fakhoury

"Mr. Thomas "TJ" Moon spoke recently at a youth conference in Ocala, in which I was a co-host & have helped to put on for the last 4 years since it started in 20...13. Thomas spoke to approximately 40 middle school & high school students (as well as some chaperones & other presenters) about perseverance and determination being vital elements to success. In pursuit of your dreams & goals, belief in yourself & what you have srt out to accomplish is critical. ..Not only did he share universal prinsciples - sprinkled with an occasional motivational quote here & there - with the audience, but he impacted us all with his compelling story. The room was silent, as all were mesmorised by his emotional story & the struggles he endured throughout his life, and we all cheered for him in our heads & hearts as the story progressed. At the conclusion of his talk, the room roared in applause (which is tough to do among teens) & we all thanked him for coming.

I highly recommend TJ to be booked for any company seeking to have an emotional pull on their guests or employees. He will surely motivate the crowd." Ian Santos

"TJ Moon spoke at a Youth Leadership Conference I attended. I was astonished at how young people were able to connect to his story. He engaged all the attendees with his knowledge and experience in overcoming obstacles - something we all need to be prepared for. By not allowing anything to stand in the way of our goals, we're able to succeed and keep moving forward. TJ's story is inspirational and I look forward to hearing more from him in the future." Xochitl Smith (Media Specialist and Philanthropologist)